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I could sit here for hours trying to explain to you what and exactly who I am. But I'm sure that we don't have time for that now do we XD. So I can tell you the basics. I'm a girl for one and I have a life, meaning I am married and have two children (interesting). As for the exact details of my life, well, good luck with that one. I love anime. All kinds, but I have an obsession with a particular one. Fullmetal Alchemist. If you have not seen it I direly suggest that you do because you are missing a very very good thing. HURRY! GO WATCH IT!! Anyway, with that obsession comes another...hehehe...hobbies! I like to write fan fiction and read it. If I could draw a damn anime character you can bet your ass that I would be drawing fan art too, but as it stands I don't XD, although I do draw a lot. But anyway, I'm bored with this now XD. I'm going to go find something else to fill out XD. BYE!

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